Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Organize Your Scarves

I like fashion scarves and have a lot of them - silk scarves, handpainted ones, vintage ones. Scarves are an easy way to add personality, color and versatility to an outfit. The problem: how to organize them?

I've tried many storage solutions, from sticking them in a drawer or a basket (in which I find I never use the scarves on the bottom), to draping them over a clothesline behind the bedroom door (which works but looks messy).

So I like my newest solution: a Scarf Hanger Spinner I found at The Container Store. It features six loops of chrome dangling from a natural wood frame that hangs in my closet. I have two scarves on each loop to store 12 scarves.

I like that this hanger spins, so I can easily view all my scarves and not just reach for the same three I seem to wear most often. With the wood handle, it's a nice-looking addition to my coat closet (where I use only wood hangers).

The chrome loops are also attractive, but, being thin metal, tend to put bend creases in my scarves at their hanging point. So this isn't a perfect solution by any means for scarf display and storage. It's just the best answer I've stumbled across. The hanger is also rather expensive at 7.99, but there may be less expensive options on the market.

The scarf spinner I found at the Container Store is not available as far as I can see at Amazon, but there are a few options there if you like to look at some pictures of other scarf hangers -


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