Thursday, May 18, 2006

Urban Living - Power Washing Hell

You win some; you lose some. I have a love/hate affair with the Belle Arts Apartments. It's really just timing, but we all know (if you've been keeping up with this blog) I moved in from San Diego, the day after they tarped the building. That was not so good for my SAD situation. Then when the tarps came down, they turned the courtyard fountain on, the sun shone, and I was in love with Belle Arts.

Which is when the management decided to spend a week powerwashing the courtyard. I am all in favor of a clean courtyard and after-winter sprucing. However, it's taken four days long, loud days already and will continue tomorrow for a 5th. And then, sadly, I move out. Just when peace will finally reign here, someone else will be able to enjoy it. Why couldn't my short time here have been quiet enough - and untarped enough - to get some honest work done? [grumble, grumble]

All I have to say about power washers is they are loud. They make jet engine sound seem like a lullaby. And so, now the sound of power washers has joined the short list of intolerable urban noises; along with jack hammers, leaf blowers and car commercials. And remember, this is coming from a girl who doesn't mind the sound of traffic (it's white noise, like the ocean).

Here is a fragment of yesterday's email to the poor spouse, after being frazzled out from hours of power washing music: "But I can't stand that crazy loud noise of the power wash outside and must take off now. It's driving me CRAZY! crazy crazy crazy hahhahahahahaha must....kill...something.....crush...destroy....."

So, yep; that's me, crazy and incredibly irritated as we speak. Turn it off! Turn it off! Turn that frakking thing off. Some people are trying to work here....

Ah well; I guess city living isn't totally perfect. I will adjust. I hope the new apartment at 989 Elements will be a better work environment.


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