Friday, May 12, 2006

989 Elements ACTUAL Move In Date

It's a good thing I had an extra month paid for here at our Belle Arts studio. My husband and I would be out on the street if we'd believed for a second that that our 989 Elements May 6 move-in was a go.

That said, we finally have an actual, for real, move-in date - May 20th. This is fine for me, since the remainer of the month at our new place will be prorated; it's cheaper for us to move in later than sooner.

That still gives us 11 days left in the rest of May for a lazy move. We only need to transfer our possessions across the rather compact Bellevue downtown, from Belle Arts on 108th to 989 Elements on 112th. Easy. All part of the plan to decrease our overall "moving stress".

I'll start transferring things to my car immediately. A few things bought down, here and there, household items I won't miss for the two weeks while I wait. I've moved so many times recently - eight times in the last year and a half - that I've realized the value of not leaving packing until the last minute.


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